*Take into consideration that our vases are made through blown glass so the product may come with micro air bubbles or may vary in size by a very small margin. Many of our vases are also made from recycled glass in order to help the environment and may come with small imperfections. No vase made of recycled glass is perfect.

**Air Bubbles and size variations are not a reason to ask for an exchange. LO Florist Supplies assures that all recycled glass vases are in their best condition.

***Please notice that some glass vases are for in store pick up only. When they are not able to be sent a disclaimer notice is written on the description of the product.

4" Clear Glass Cube

This 4" clear Recycle glass cube is ideal to use as a candle holder or for small floral arrangements. This specific glass cube design comes in 4 different sizes which you can buy to give an elegant and unique to your event with variety.

4" Length x 4" Width x 4" Height"

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