Artifical Flowers

SKU Title Has new content Price
Fl-15255 Purple Single Long Stem Chrysanthemum $2.45
FL-15253 Ivory Single Long Stem Chrysanthemum $2.45
FL-15255 Hot Pink Single Long Stem Chrysanthemum $2.45
FL-15255 Orange Single Long Stem Chrysanthemum $2.45
FL-15255 White Single Long Stem Chrysanthemum $2.45
FL15206 Fucshia Mix Peony Flower $2.70
SFS062-007LV Lavender Orchid $4.20
SFS01-2205OR Burnt Orange Orchid $3.25
SFS01-2205BU Burgundy Orchid $3.25
98532 Pink Plum Blossom Bunch $4.99
98536 Yellow Plum Blossom Bunch $4.99
WHDAISY Curly Branches With White Daises $5.20
DAISYPINK Curly Branches With Pink Daises $5.20
MINICAMFUS Fuchsia Mini Camellia Bunch $3.10
MINICAMPINK Pink Mini Camellia Bunch $3.10
MINICAMGOLD Golden Mini Camellia $3.10
MINICAMPURP Purple Mini Camellia Bunch $3.10
98591 Sunflower Bunch $7.35
98582 Orange Sunflower Bunch $7.35
65321 Sunflower Deluxe Bunch $12.80
FL-15130 Fuchsia Calla Lily Bunch $2.14
FL-15130PINK Pink Calla Lily Bunch $2.14
MINROSFUC Fuchsia Mini Rose Bunch $1.99
MINROSPURP Purple Mini Rose Bunch $1.99
MINROSPINK Pink Mini Rose Bunch $1.99
MINROSRED Red Mini Rose Bunch $1.99
MINROSHPINK Hot Pink Mini Rose Bunch $1.99
PINKSPIDER Pink Spider Mum Flower Bunch $4.35
IVORYSPIDER Ivory Spider Mum Flower Bunch $4.35
FLOWERFOAMY 20" Assorted Colors Foamy Flowers (Read Description) $13.50